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It ain’t easy finding all the information you need to keep moving forward in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and it’s pretty near impossible to find it all collected in one place. But to quote one gifted screenwriter, what can I say, sometimes a guy just wants the impossible.

So here you have it: a one-stop shop for all sorts of resources and information related to the entertainment industry. You’ll find just about anything you need by clicking on the categories below, but if you discover something is missing that should be included, email your suggestion to us at info@hollywoodconnect.com !

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Get Connected

Learn about ways to get connected with others through events presented by Hollywood Connect & other local organizations. Read More »

Get Educated

Explore out extensive library with a growing number of videos, articles and audio commentaries on all sorts of topics to help you move forward in your Hollywood career. Read More »

Pay it Forward

You’ve gotten some great things from Hollywood connect, so discover a few ways to give back to help others in the creative and artist community! Read More »